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Oganes E. Dilanyan
Urologist, MD, PhD

Preoperative tests

Below is the list of laboratory tests and other investigations

that need to be done before hospitalisation and surgery.

1. Blood group and rhesus 
2. Full blood count         
3. Biochemical blood test 
- urea 
- creatinine
- bilirubin
- glucose 
- total protein
- potassium
- sodium
- uric acid
4. Coagulogram
- coagulation time
- prothrombin ratio
- fibrinogen
- thrombin clotting time
5. HIV, Syphilis, hepatitis B and Hepatitis C blood tests 
6. General Urine test   
7. ECG
8. Second grade compression stockings for lower extremities.

The tests listed below are only for patients older than 45 who are getting ready for serious interventions and only after a consultation with a doctor. 
9. Bacterial analysis of urine with a test for antibiotics sensitivity 
10. Doppler Ultrasound of lower extremities blood vessels. 
11. Gastroscopy
12. General practitioner consultation to determine if there are any contraindications to surgery. 

All the pre-op assessments and test resuls are valid for 30 days