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Oganes E. Dilanyan
Urologist, MD, PhD


We will be happy to help you arrange your trip to Moscow for treatment. We value your trust and will do anything to ensure you and your accompanying relative a comfortable stay in Moscow. We guarantee individual approach to each of our guests.


Contact us

Please ring us on +7 499 344 0303, or order a call back using the form below. 
If required an assistant will put you in touch with a doctor for a thorough consultation. 

Send us your details

If you have any reports or any other data relating to your previous tests and investigations please send them to us for expert assessment using the form. In order to save your time, we will send you for additional tests that can be done either where you live or here in Moscow.  

Agree your visit

One of our assistants will help you choose your dates for travel and hospital admission and assist you with finding a suitable hotel for your accompanying relative(s).  They will also help you with any other logistical issues if required.

Information for foreign patients:

You can ask the doctor all the questions you are interested in by signing up for an online consultation.